Are you religious?

June 20, 2008

It’s a question I’ve been asked before, but what am I really being asked? What does someone mean by those 3 words?

Are they asking you if you go to church, or perhaps they want to know if you are a Christian, or maybe they’re thinking that you live your life by a set of rules, something they associate with “weirdos” and in today’s world extremists.

Invariably I’ll answer no to this question because I think it’s a leading question and one to which the other person has already made up their mind. If I say “no, I’m not religious” then they’ll go away happy but if I say “yes, I am a religious person” then I think that they’ll immeditately jump to a whole load of conclusions about me, ones that I believe will be inaccurate.

Perhaps I should ask them what they mean by that question, so that I can be sure to answer precisely their point, but doesnt that then mean I’m avoiding getting into a debate? I think not. I dont think it’s ever an easy question to answer although I must admit I do know people who would happily and very capably I might add, debate this till the cows come home. Unfortunately I’m not one of them!

So what would my answer be, you might be wondering, or maybe you’re not, but I’m going to tell you anyway. No I dont consider myself as religious. Yes I am a Christian and yes I have a faith in a loving God, something that helps me to get through many difficult situations. But do I live my life by a religious code of dos and donts? No, because that’s not what my Christianity is all about. The dos and donts I live by are those of a modern, just society, respectful of other people. Christianity isnt about what you can and cant do, it’s a relationship with God.

So what would your answer be …?



  1. Wow, if only more Christians thought like you do there would be a lot less bigotry and hate in America.

    My answer would be ‘No’. I am not religious. In fact, I am atheist and quite comfortable with my beliefs. Most Christians don’t understand that, and I’ve long since given up trying to explain it.

    Truly, I have nothing against Christians at all, until they feel the need to insist that I believe the way they do. Then I have a problem.

  2. No, I’m not religious (and that doesn’t mean that I am a bad person, either). I person can be a good person no matter what they believe. A person’s beliefs does not determine the person.

    I’d like to hear a deeply religious person’s point of view on this. For some, being religious is very important to them.


  3. Thanks for your posts & answers to my question.
    This might only be a small start but I think there should be much more open discussion about this sort of thing, without fear about what other people will think.

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