Revolving skyscraper!

June 25, 2008

Revolving skyscraper in Dubai - BBC imageWow!

This looks amazing, quite the eye catcher, particular those simulated views at night.

80 floors of building that rotates, moves, and changes shape? It’s even going to be a self-sufficient building with its own turbines to generate energy.

I say it again, wow!
Yes, this is going to be an amazing feat of architecture and engineering and an incredible sight to see.

But what’s the point?

Can you imagine living there? Going home after a late night out & wondering “what does my house look like tonight?”

And do we really need it?
Surely there are better things we should be investing such huge amounts of time, skill & energy into? And as for the costs involved in such an ambitious projects, $700m to build it! :O Is that really justifiable for what will, in reality, just be a building, albeit a unique and impressive one?

Have we not lost sight of what’s really important somewhere along the line?
Hmm ?

One comment

  1. Apparently they have too much money in Dubai.

    Although a high speed rotating apartment might be one way to get the lazy kids out of bed…

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