Sleep well?

June 26, 2008

I never used to have trouble sleeping. From almost the minute my head touched the pillow, I’d be snoozing away and I wouldn’t see my bedroom again until my alarm went off the next morning. Invariably I’d even be in exactly the same position as when I’d fallen asleep.

Ah, memories! Unfortunately it’s not been like that for about 3 years now. I’m not saying I suffer from insomnia on a regular basis but I do seem to have had rather more nights of troubled sleep than I can ever remember in the past. I know some of the reasons behind these – after all I can’t do anything about the wind echoing down my chimney other than using earplugs & I cant control earthquakes that wake me up with a start either – but when it comes to those worries zooming around my head in the dark hours & those thoughts about how I’m going to cope with specific issues, just how can do I make my brain switch off then to let me sleep? After all we’re all led to believe that we need 8 hours sleep a night if we’re to function properly at work and to stay healthy. But how do I achieve that?

So whenever I stumble across an article that suggests some remedies, I’m quick to read to see just what is that magic key to a blissful 8 hours of shuteye?

The latest of those articles has suggestions from BBC Online readers, ranging from taking a hot bath to reading a dull book. But the one which particular caught my attention was the suggestion to eat a lettuce sandwich half an hour before going to bed!!

Lettuce? In a sandwich? Does that give it some magical sleep inducing properties?

I’m not sure but it’s looking pretty appetising right now …


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