A change is as good as a rest

June 27, 2008

I read an interesting article online the other day by Guy Kawasaki who had interviewed Ariane de Bonvoisin. The article was of particular interest because it talked about change within a professional context and why change is good. But it made me stop and think about changes in life that we all face.

So often you hear about people who are afraid of change, who wont embrace it for fear of what it might bring. But arent they perhaps missing out on something even better, some new experience that could change their world in a postive way? Do we sometimes sit in that rut because we are just too plain frightened to step out onto those waters?

I think to some extent I do that. I sometimes put up with things as they are because “better the devil you know” & all that. But I do wonder what else there might be for me out there in the big wide world. Perhaps my perfect job (whatever that might be, although I’m not quite convinced that it’s possible to find a perfect job) or maybe that perfect house in that perfect street. Or perhaps it’s not perfection that I’d find but something life-changing, some experience that will make me stop & think & just say “wow”.

As it says in the interview “change is the only constant in life – the one thing that is guaranteed to happen.” (apart from death and taxes I might add). So in reality we cant ignore change, it’s happening all around us every day and – unless we want to lock ourselves away in complete isolation – we’re going to have to learn to face up to the fact that times change and things move on. We need to be positive about that and learn to look for the good things in every change and challenge that we face.

The big question is whether we are prepared to embrace these changes for the better.


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