Dont expire

June 28, 2008

I made a discovery the other day. It was only a little thing, it’s not as tho I’ve reinvented the wheel or anything, but I thought it was noteworthy all the same.

We all know that we’re not meant to use the same make-up for a long time (ok guys, so perhaps you dont but I doubt you’re all that bothered anyway.) So I’ve often wondered how long is too long but then not thought much else about it (I know, I wasnt all that concerned really) Anyway I was watching one of those ‘how to make you look beautiful/decades younger’ programmes on the tv the other night & the topic cropped up again, only this time they showed you a closeup of a symbol on your cosmetic packaging which tells you just how long you should use it for after opening. YES, there’s actually a symbol on the packaging that tells you. In fact, I’ve even noticed that little picture before, I just didnt realise what it meant!

You might be thinking I’m just really slow, but no, when I mentioned it to some other people at work, they didnt know about it either. So, for all of you who have been wondering (and for those of you who couldnt care less as well) the symbol you should be looking for is an open cream pot containing the length, in months, which products should be kept after opening. You’ve probably even seen it yourself and didnt realise what it meant either!

And just in case you were thinking “what does it matter how old my make-up is?”, perhaps this will make you think differently.

Go be beautiful and healthy!


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