Brainstorms over but thought showers lie ahead

June 29, 2008

How often have you had brainstorming sessions at work, times when you’ve sat as a group & tried to come up with good ideas, or perhaps THE idea? Well you cant do that any more. Nope, it’s not allowed. Apparently “brainstorming” is official ly off limits! And do you want to know why? Now brace yourself … Ready?

Brainstorming is offensive! Yes, you read that right, apparently brainstorming is in the same league as racism, sexism and as many other isms that you might care to mention. “To whom?” I hear you cry (or maybe not, but I’ll carry on all the same) Well, according to the diveristy officers at Tunbridge Wells borough council, the word “brainstorming” could cause offense to people with epilepsy.


Apparently brainstorming was first used in the 1890s to refer to severe nervous attacks like epilepsy. The National Society for Epilepsy says it’s unlikely their members will be offended by the term. Common sense tells us that this is political correctness gone mad but since when has common sense been listened to? No, the council has decided that they just cant take that risk. Brainstorming is officially unallowed.

So next time you want to thrash out those ideas in the office, try sitting & having a thought shower instead!


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