July 4, 2008

What makes you happy?

I’ve just read that the happiest country in the world is Denmark.


Interesting choice, not necessarily the country I would’ve thought about if you’d asked me to choose but the Danes have obviously got something good going for them, havent they? because according to research by the United States National Science Foundation, Denmark is the place to be.

Apparently happiness isnt just about financial prosperity. Personal freedom is also an important factor. So it hardly comes as a great surprise that Zimbabwe was the least happy country and that Iraq also appeared in the bottom 10. After all, these countries have gone through some traumatic events in recent times.

Happiness is one of those things that we all strive to attain. What makes us happy and what will make us happy is an interesting question. People all have different opinions on this. Some think that money is the solution, others that satisfaction in your job is more important, and there are others who just want to take life easy, have fun and avoid anything that might cause them to feel bad.

Which of these is the best option you may wonder. Well I dont know. Money can certainly help but it cant buy you love, health, family or friends. And sure a fulfilling job can make the days more pleasant, but what about when you go home at night, does this continue in the everyday more mundane things? And the taking life easy and having fun? Sure that sounds great in and ideal world, but in reality there are times when you need to be serious about things, and when bad stuff happens, so what do you do then?

Perhaps I’m thinking way too personally about this and perhaps I need to look at the bigger picture?

I dont know, but perhaps you’ll bear with me if I sit in Copenhagen to mull over the answers!


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