Is the grass always greener?

August 1, 2008

Why is it that when it’s dull and grey, all we crave is sunshine and yet when we’ve got blue skies and blazing sunshine we complain it’s too hot?! Huh?

Is the grass really greener elsewhere or are we just never gonna be satisfied with what we’ve got?

Perhaps we should remember that rainfall is what gives England such beautiful green grass and landscape. Take the Peak District, or the Lake District for instance – what would they be like if we didnt get a good dosing of regualr rainfall? You only need to look at some of our hotter “neighbours” in southern europe to appreciate the greeness here over their dry and barren landscape.

Yes, it’s great when the sun shines and when it’s hot, but let’s be honest, England isnt really geared up for life to continue as normal in such conditions is it? We still have to get in our cars and drive to our offices, clean the house and do the shopping as normal. We cant just slay back in the sunshine like we would on holiday, life goes on doesnt it? And how many of us have air-conditioning in our homes or at work, or perhaps air-conditioning that doesnt make us cold?

No, perhaps we should all just learn to accept what we’ve got and be happy with it.
After all, where would be the fun in going on holiday if it was already perfect over here? 😉


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