Blue skies up above

August 20, 2008

Have you ever just sat & looked up at the sky?  Perhaps you’ve wondered just how far you can see?  Or maybe you’ve studied the clouds & drawn pictures in your mind?

I did that today. 

I just sat outside in one of those open spaces and I looked up.  I sat there & I looked at the sky and the clouds up above me.  And if I’m honest, it looked pretty amazing – that continuous blueness with those little wisps of white cloud breaking up the colour every now and then.  Truly amazing.

And it made me wonder, how often do any of us simply sit and look at the sky and appreciate what is around us, the sheer beauty of creation?

I guess living in Blighty perhaps we dont tend to get those clear skies like I’m looking at right now.  Perhaps it’s only when we’re away, in other countries that we really notice the sky, because it’s so different from what we’re used to?  But I find myself wondering if people living in those “other countries” notice it for themselves?  Do they really appreciate it or is it the norm, just something they expect to be there? Do they take it all for granted?

I think it’s an interesting thought, so please excuse me right now as I’m just going to carry on sitting here, gazing up at the sky and relishing the sights around me.  Aah … 🙂

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