gold at the end of your fingers

August 23, 2008

Every so often you can say you’ve truly witnessed something historic, an even or moment in time that is worth remembering, newsworthy and something to hang on to. Well I’ve done that recently.

Being in America during the Olympic Games I was only really able to watch events where there was an American athlete involved (perhaps rather a skewed view of the games but interesting nevertheless) like the gymnastics, diving, beach volleyball (just HOW did that become an olympic sport? huh) and the swimming. Well the swimming is the event that created one of those moments I was just talking about and it was really something to remember.

Watching Michael Phelps swimming to an 8th gold medal was amazing even for a non American, I might even say awesome πŸ˜‰ But I think watching him win his seventh gold was an event that will really stay in my memory. It really was something, the way he had seemingly been beaten to that finish but how he somehow managed to get to that finish post first after all, by a fingernail, literally! Wow! The power in those arms & legs that carried him towards his goal and the way he reached out to victory, unbelievable. The never-ending replays made us sit & question “did he win or didnt he?”, we were all glued to our tv screens, watching that finish from every possible angle, waiting to hear the result. But gold medal it was.

So if ever we witnessed history in the making, it was watching the olympic swimming, seeing how a young man’s dreams can be realised in such dramatic fashion and in front of a global audience.

Inspiring? No question

Tugs at the heart strings? Perhaps.

A moment in history? Unquestionably.


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