do we need friends?

August 31, 2008

I lost a really good friend recently.

No I dont mean they died, I just mean they decided they didnt want to be friends with me any more. It’s sad really as we’ve shared so much together and it breaks my heart that it can all come to an end, just like that and for no apparent reason.

I often read those emails that people send around telling you to hold on to friends, how important they are, and how you dont realise how much people mean until they’re gone. Well I cant say that was the case here, because I always knew how important this friendship was & it meant all the more to me because of that.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I know someone who says we dont actually need friends and thinks they are unnecessary. They believe that if we have a spouse and a family, then that’s all you need. They tell me that friends arent important and that you dont need more friends!!!!


I disagree. What would life be like if we didnt have friends? Who would we turn to? Who would we have fun with? Is family just enough?

Am I really on my own on this? Do you think you need friends, or is this person right, are friends really an unnecessary addition to your life?



  1. I am at a point in my life where I don’t need many friends. I have one or two and then I have my hubby and his family. For me, I got tired of the drama. I can’t stand some of the crap that comes along with certain people. Now I am picky, and I keep my group low. I don’t think it matters how many friends you have but the quality of friends. I have to add that I am not the type of person who talks about my issues with my friends. Once in awhile we get together and have some fun. But when it comes to needing a break or having to deal with an issue, being alone is the best way I can handle it.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, it’s interesting to hear how other people view this subject. I think I’m quite like you actually, dont have loads of friends because I dont easily trust people, but once I do, then their friendship is important to me. So yes, the quality of friendship is definately the important thing. Thanks for that reminder.

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