where should I go?

September 4, 2008

I’m planning to go away on holiday in February and am in the process of deciding where to go. I want to go somewhere sunny because let’s face it, summer has been almost non-existant in the UK this year.

So my choices at the moment are Morocco or Tunisia, because I’m told North Africa is a good place to go at that time of year.

Have you been to either? What are they like? Would you recommend them?
Is there anywhere else you think I should be considering?

All comments much appreciated.
Thanks 🙂



  1. HAH! What a great idea – ask people where you should go for vacation! I wish I had gone to Tunisia, because then I could give you a real opinion. Sadly enough, I didn’t do the “real” morocco vacation. I went when it was WAY to hot (oh…120 degrees Far), we only went for 1 week, and we had absolutely no idea how to bargain or avoid harrassing people (and I’m from NYC! I should know better).

    I recommend Morocco, but only if the following applies to you:

    1) You have at least 10 days so you can go to see the desert (they offer all sorts of trips)
    2) You can drive standard and so rent a car and be really free to see the country (driving isn’t scary)
    3) You speak a little bit of french (so you can talk to REAL people as opposed to just shop owners)
    4) You spend a few days at Riad Ghalia – because they are the best Riad in Marrakech 🙂

    If you need any advice, contact me – http://www.fromrighthere.com ! Love your BLog!

  2. Thanks loads for the feedback 🙂 It’s good to hear from someone who’s been there & can give me an insight into Morocco. (Glad you like my blog)

  3. I recommand morocco too 🙂 a very nice place to visit and to live in.

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