Life is like music

September 12, 2008

In a recent post of mine I wrote about how important music is to me & that I dont understand how some people can live without music.  I recently stumbled across this quote by Samuel Butler:

“Life is like music; it must be composed by ear,
feeling, and instinct, not by rule.”

It poses an interesting question, at least it does to me.  Just how much influence do we all really have on what happens to us?  It makes me think about life and how we cannot really plan what happens or how things roll out.  Ok, course we can do some things but on the whole we just have to play it by ear and live our lives as seems best, on feeling and instinct.

Whatever will be, will be.  We cant stop disasters from happening and we cant even make good things happen when we want them too.

However musically accomplished we are, no matter what musical masterpieces we can compose, we cant do the same with our lives.  No, we have to sit back & take the punches, cry when we’re hurting, smile when we’re happy, question when we need answers and just make the most of whatever life throws at us.  We cant write the score for this one, the ending will always be a surprise to us.

And perhaps it’s better that way?


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