the end of the lowly book?

September 17, 2008

I’ve been reading this week about how electronic devices are taking over from paper.

Ok, I’m all for new technology and making advances to improve things, but is getting rid of paper really an improvement?  Can you honestly say that you get a thrill out of picking up your electronic reader, and scrolling down a screen to read that latest best seller?  Isnt it far more satisfying to get a book and to read it through from cover to cover?  The excitement building as you work your way through the pages, looking to see how many chapters you’ve got left before you reach those cliffhanging final pages?

Dont get me wrong, electronic devices and readers have their place, but should they replace the good old fashioned book?  I think not.

So no, I’m sorry, (well no I’m not sorry actually) I just prefer books.  I dont even mind paying that bit more for one.  It looks good & it feels good.  Books are what reading is all about, arent they?



  1. I’m with you. I can’t give up my paper pages for a LCD screen. Viva Los Book – as.

  2. here here! 🙂

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