clutter on desks

September 19, 2008

I was interested to read this article on the BBC News website yesterday, which asked what you would take with you if you had to clear your desk and leave your job today. There were some interesting answers from readers: some would just take their own belongings (and what an interesting collection of things people actually keep on and in their desks) others were more concerned about getting as much from the company as possible, so raided stationary supplies and the like.

What would I take?
Hmm, well in my box would be:

books – I have quite a supply in my desk that I have never taken home
photos – of my family
postcards – from friends visiting the world
paperweight – a nice but useful item used daily
ornaments – for that little touch of personalisation
magazines – a mixture of career orientated and personal interest
toiletries – all sorts, you never know what you might need at work
stress ball – er, for stress and something to play with if I’m bored!
umbrella – well I do live in England
promotional freebies – sometimes I get some cool gifts
clothes – my company t-shirt

Would I raid the stationary cupboard and try to get as much out of the company as possible before I walk through those doors? I’d like to say no, but who knows how I’d feel in reality.

They say your posessions (or at least the things on your desk) say a lot about you.
Now what story does your desk tell?


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