Memory aid

September 22, 2008

Does it annoy you when you see someone you know and they cant remember your name, or worse still they dont even recognise you?!

Or perhaps you’re the person who forgets the name. You know that you should know the person waving at your frantically from across the street, but you cant for the life of you place them?

Well never fear, help is at hand, or rather it will be soon. A Professor at Southampton University believes that technology will soon be able to provide the solution and that it will deliver something that helps you to remember the person you’re talking to.

Better still is the invention by Engineer Lyndsay Williams. The SensCam is a digital camera like device hung around your neck which takes pictures every 30 seconds or when it detects a change in light or heat. The idea behind this being that it will help you to remember all those things you’ve forgotten during the day. It’s also hoped that this could be useful for patients of Alzheimers, as a memory aid. And anything which helps makes life easier for sufferers of this disease is surely a welcome discovery?

Taking it a step further, but in a completely different direction, the BBC website reports that one family are using the SensCam to record everything their child says in his first 3 years! Wow, that’s gonna be a lot of recording, but what an amazing device. Just think of the memories they will be able to hold on to – although their son might not welcome them in 18 years time!

But seriously, the usefulness of such a device really is limitless and opens up so many opportunties.

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