put the magic back into … your driving!

September 29, 2008

Let me ask you a question, do you drive?  Do you enjoy driving?  Or do you need to put the magic back inside your car?

I seem to read a lot of interesting articles on the BBC website and have quoted some of them in this blog before, but here’s another one I recently stumbled upon which talks about the various ways that you can “rediscover the joys of motoring”

So, if you suffer from a dislike in driving, or perhaps you’ve lost the excitement that you once felt as a teenager when you skipped to your car for the first time on your own, read on and I’ll tell you about some of the highlights of the article.

I guess you probably drive to work.  Judging by the traffic on the roads and the traffic reports on the radio every morning, an awful lot of us do.  So how do you spend your time in that car?   Perhaps you listen to music, or sing along to your favourite songs?  Maybe who take the opportunity to catch up on the world’s happenings & events on the radio?  Perhaps that quiet time is your only chance to reflect on things on your own, your opportunity to plan your day or practice that work presentation outloud.  Maybe you pray (obviously with your eyes open!) or you create a mental shoppig list of all the things you have to do that?   Basically anything goes, it’s your time and once you’re locked inside that car in the morning, that space is yours, yours to do whatever you want with between work & home.   So you really should make the most of it.

Now I dont know how far you drive every morning but apparently a 15 minute commute is actually good for you.   Yes, 15 minutes gives you just the right amount of time, anything longer than this is no good.  In fact, the longer the commute is, the more agitated and irritable you become & the less productive that time is.

So what do you do about it?  Should you get a new job nearer to home?  Hmm I think perhaps that would be a little too drastic.  So other than that, I really dont know!  I’m just throwing the fact out there.  It’s up to you what you do with the information!


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