music personality

October 5, 2008

There seem to have been a lot of music related articles on the web this week, or perhaps it’s just that I notice them because I’m interested in the subject?  This latest one looks at the correlation between personality and musical tastes.  Hmm, I cant say that this is something which surprises me really.  Perhaps I’m thinking of stereotypes but in general certain types of music do appeal more to certain groups of people, dont they?  Isnt that just logic?

Anyway, back to the article: a study of 36,000 people has been carried out to determine just how closely related tastes and personality are, with some surprising results.  For instance, those who prefer classical music or heavy metal both have creative streaks but are not outgoing, and despite the stereotype of heavy metal fans it appears in reality that they are just “delicate things”.  Bless!

So what sort of music do you like?
Are you a hardworking country and western fan?  Perhaps you’re an outgoing rapper?  Or maybe you’re the creative & outgoing Bollywood devotee?

You can even be involved in the research if you’re interested and take part in the survey, so there’s still time to get your views included.


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