for love or money?

October 16, 2008

Are you doing your ideal job?

Chances are that you’re not and you might not have even worked out what it is! If you’re like most of us, you might be going off to work every day, week in, week out, but do you truely enjoy what you do or are you going along with it because, well to be frank, that’s what you do, isnt it?

Do have dreams about what your perfect job is? Is there something that you’d love to take up as a profession but it just wont pay the bills? Do you dream of writing for a living – locking yourself up in a remote idyllic location & pouring your dreams out onto paper? Do you want to paint, create something beautiful on canvas, or perhaps something surreal and really out there? Is your passion to be a musician or to tread the boards? Hmm, I think you might well find that you’re with the majority of us, that we all have a secret burning desire to jack it all in & follow our hearts desires. But it’s not always as easy as that, or is it?

It’s important to do something you love, to get some fulfillment in your working life and as Seth Godin says, maybe you cant make money doing what you love, but it is far easier to do what you love now than ever before. So perhaps we shouldnt be in it for the money. Perhaps we should be in it for the love, for that passion we have, for that fulfillment in our lives.

I dont know but I’d love to find out.

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