Happy Smurfday

October 23, 2008

Do you remember those little blue characters the smurfs? Those happy go lucky little guys with their blue skin and their white clothes?

Did you delight in Papa Smurf telling stories? Perhaps you sang along with the smurf song when you were just a mere youngster (are you even humming along to that tune right now?!) Maybe you watched them on your television set, even in black & white, or you read about their exploits in comic form where they first began.

Well for all of you Smurf fans out there, today is a day to celebrate, a day to reminisce, to look back on those happy childhood (or perhaps adult) memories. For today – the 23rd October 2008 – is their birthday, and not just any birthday, today is their 50th Birthday!! <cue Happy Birthday music>

So Congratulations Smurfs. Long may you continue to delight & enthrall your fans worldwide.

To see what the Smurfs will be getting up to during the special birthday year, run along to their website


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