October 25, 2008

Do you dream?
Hmm, perhaps I should rephrase that, do you remember your dreams?  And if you do, are they in colour or black & white?

To answer my own questions: yes I dream and yes, sometimes I even remember what my dreams are about – waking up with my heart pounding hard against my chest as fear strikes me or as I remember something particularly unpleasant in the dream.  Then I just want to open my eyes ‘& make sure I stay awake long enough to not fall straight back into that same dreamland.  There have even been times when I’ve had really nice dreams.  I remember one in particular morning when the dream from the night before left me just feeling happy and knowing everything would all turn out right in the end one day – although I must admit I now cant really remember what the dream was about, or any real details just that content & relaxed feeling when I woke up.  I’ve also had dreams when I’ve known I was actually dreaming & yet I’ve somehow felt like I’m watching myself, paralysed and unable to move, and I’ve just been telling myself I’m asleep and I need to wake up NOW!

But do I dream in colour or black & white?  Hmm, well I’ve just woke up from a dream and to be honest I really cant remember what colour the dream was and not matter how hard I try, it’s a question that I’m just not able to answer today.

I read a news article the other day which said that people born before a certain time, whose formative years were before the advent of colour films or televsions, dream in black & white and that those of use born since those days tend to dream in colour.

Unfortunately, much as I’d like to corroborate that, I simply cant!

So my question is, do you dream in colour or in black & white and does that confirm or disprove this theory?

Perhaps you should go back to bed now and get dreaming to find out …


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