beautiful vowels

October 31, 2008


For all you scrabble fans out there, here’s a book which has been written using vowels.

“So what’s so special about that?” I hear you cry.
Well this book is special, in fact I would go so far as to say it’s unique.
The author – Christian Bok – has used only 1 vowel within each chapter.

“Impossible” you might say.
But then you’d be wrong! For there it is, in black and white, chapters written using only 1 vowel in each. Amazing! You can even listen to Christian reading from his book.

And the purpose of this?
Well the author believes that each vowel has its own personality and that his book will demonstrate the flexibility of English as a language.

The book’s title? “Eunoia” – the shortest word in the English lanaguage using all 5 vowels.

Now that’s really one for all your scrabble buffs out there!

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