lies and deception – part 2

October 31, 2008

and still it goes on!

So my question still stands. Why do people tell lies?
I really dont understand it.

And I know I shouldn’t be bothered by it, but I’m afraid I just can’t help myself.

I guess the thing is, I wouldn’t lie to my friends, so I just expect them to treat me in the same way. It’s that too much to ask for? Maybe it is?

I just think it’s kinda sad when they don’t and when they think that they can treat me any way they want, just make up a silly reason to excuse themselves, and I’ll accept that.

Well I wont!
It kinda sucks actually!
Do they really think I’m that gullible?

So if anyone has any suggestions how NOT to be offended by this and how NOT to get upset and taken in by it all, then I’m all ears.

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