no Latin please, we’re British!

November 12, 2008

amo amas amat amamus amatis amant
and so it goes.

image by MyahcatFor those of you of a certain age or over, these words wont be gobgobbledygook, you will recognise them instantaneously as the parts of the verb ‘to love’ in Latin. Latin, the foundation of so many languages, the basis for many of those scientific terms, the origin of so much. Latin, that self same language now deemed politically incorrect and banned by many of our local authorities.

Yes, you read that right. Latin should no longer be used because it is a discriminatory language! We might confuse people if we use Latin words, or, god forbid, we might even educate some of them! So we should forget all the terms and expressions that we know and love and use on a regular basis, because in using these things, we are being positively discriminatory to other people who don’t know Latin!

Is this a case of political correctness gone mad?
Should we all be living our lives and using language which adheres to the lowest common denominator?!

I find that crazy.

So beware all you out there you, with your ad hocs, vice versas and vias. Be warned, no longer should you talk about e.g. or i.e. ad infinitum. Today is the day of change. Bring back plain English toute de suite! But for those of you who think we should stick to our guns and speak Latin on a daily basis, check this out for some handy new phrases!


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  1. […] few months ago I wrote about how it was now not pc to use Latin words in everyday life, that we are excluding people by […]

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