WARNING, bad bosses can kill!

November 26, 2008

Ok, so not only are many of us suffering from having incompetent managers and bosses in our midst, those people who make our daily lives a misery and prevent us from getting down & doing our jobs, but now, to add insult to injury recent research suggests that this might even be making us ill. And no, I don’t mean giving us the odd headache, I mean the real deal, heart disease! & heart attacks et al!! <shocked look>

I mean, gees, heart attacks?! That’s serious stuff.

But before you start shouting at the screen & getting palpitations, take heed because the headline isn’t strictly true. It’s not that “oh no, my boss is awful, ouch, my heart” happens – well perhaps it might, but that’s besides the point. No, in reality, if your boss is bad and this causes you to stress out, then apparently you might adopt some bad habits like smoking which in turn might affect your health.

Hmm, ok, so it’s not quite as bad as it first sounded is it. If you have a bad boss, and if you do get stressed about it (and you probably will) just don’t use that as an excuse to start smoking because, as we all no, smoking kills! Far better though to take up a hobby or do something that will help you to look on it all far more lightly, keep that blood pressure down & live a happy work life.

And here endeth today’s lesson!


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