let children be children

November 29, 2008

I came across a news story online today & I must admit I was shocked & in a way sickened by it and I dont think I’m alone it that. It seems that someone is selling high heeled shoes for babies and toddlers!! Yes that’s right high heels for little kids!

Now come on, am I missing something here? Is this really the behaviour of a modern civilised country?

The woman selling them says it’s ok, it’s just a bit of fun for when the babies are dressed up, to make them look pretty. Dressed up?!! These are babies, human beings, not toys or things that you make look pretty for entertainment purposes!

She compares it to people who get their children’s ears pierced. Now dont get me started on that one either, but all the same I dont think they quite compare. After all, what image do high heels portray in your mind? Just think about that for a minute. I think if you answer that question honestly, then it’s not image you want people to be associating with your children.

So check out the article yourself and see what you think about it.


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