The journey back to Bethlehem …

December 15, 2008

maryjoridingIt seems that too much time has passed since my last post. I must’ve been caught up in too much life! But anyway, wanting to correct that, I feel compelled to write about a journey that a BBC Correspondent is undertaking and rather a special journey at that!

The journey is to retrace the footsteps of Mary & Joseph all those years ago, as they set out for Bethlehem. A journey of some 93 miles which tracks across the Middle East through many of those regions you have only ever heard about. It is a journey which must be one of the most re-told travels in our history. Ok, you might not believe in the truths of that journey, but nevertheless you cannot fail to have heard about it, no matter how young or old you are, and no matter of what race or creed. And at this special time of Christmas, it is worth remembering what happened 2000 years ago. This is why I was particularly taken with this particular journey. It brings that “story” up-to-date. Makes is more understandable as I can read about the realities of it. I think it will help me to better understand what happened.

So if you too are fascinated or intrigued by this, keep checking back on the BBC website to read how Aleem is getting on & to catch up with the latest from his journey back to Bethlehem, 2000 years on …

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