It’s a most wonderful time of the year, isnt it?

December 21, 2008

So the tree is up & decorated (& has been for a couple of weeks now) the cards have all been written & sent, even the presents are all done & dusted – ok so praps they’re not all wrapped yet, but that’s just details, isn’t it?

So all these things are done.  I’ve received lots of cards & even some presents already, so how come I’m not really feeling Christmassy?  Why don’t I feel as though I’ve got into the spirit of things yet?  Can anyone answer me that?  or do you maybe feel the same?

It’s just not the same when we’re grown up, is it?  When you’re a child, Christmas seems to last for weeks, from those first rehearsals at school to the momentous day, when you leap out of bed to see what Father Christmas has left for you.  It just goes on for ever and ever and ever …!  So how come when we’re older Christmas seems to suddenly sneak up on us?  It’s not as though it’s a surprise, after all it is always the 25th December.  So how do we manage to find ourselves surrounded by Christmas & yet not quite feel as though it’s time, not quite feel as though we are properly a part of it?

Perhaps it’s because all the commercialism behind it starts so much earlier nowadays?  I remember a few months ago seeing that first Christmas advert on television and being horrified that they were showing it “already”.  And yet here I am, weeks later, almost face to face with Christmas Day and I’m not feeling overly Christmassy?  What is wrong with me?

Hmm, as I ponder it all, praps I should throw a chestnut on that roasting fire as I watch the snowflakes falling down outside …  No?  Hmm, exactly, it’s just not Christmas, is it?! <sigh>



  1. Oh gosh. Its not even funny how awfully same I feel. 😦

  2. It’s somewhat comforting to know I’m not alone on this. I do wish you a Happy Christmas though.

  3. […] a very difficult day for her.  Maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book, do away with the commercialism that surrounds us on all of these occasions and just go back to the simple things in […]

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