Is Christmas over?

December 27, 2008

nativitySo that’s it for another year, Christmas is over 😦 <sigh> Was it good for you? Did you have an enjoyable time with family or friends, or perhaps both? Did you share in good food and company? Did you exchange presents and good words? Did you feel relaxed and happy for a whole 2 days? That’s nice.

No?! Was that not how things were at your house?

Yes, you spent time with your loved ones, but maybe a few bad words were exchanged? Yes, you ate good food but now you’re feeling stuffed and considering embarking on a diet in the new year? Yes, you gave presents but were disappointed by the reactions when people ripped off the paper, only to look up at you expectantly? Yes, you received presents but not the things you were hoping for, despite all the hints dropped in recent weeks?

Hmm, then you probably had a Christmas like most of us and now you’re sitting down and thinking, well that’s it for another year, Christmas has been and gone?

Why is Christmas not filled with wonder and joy when we’re adults? Why do we sit down afterwards feeling a little flat and wondering what happened to make us feel that way?

Perhaps we all need to take hold of the inner child within us, forget about the hype and commercialism and go back to times when we really appreciated the real joy and wonder of Christmas? Christmas doesnt have to be over, that joy and wonder, that happiness and feeling of love towards people doesnt have to stop now. You really can carry on caring about people into the New Year and beyond, and you can remember why we celebrate Christmas because it’s really not meant to be a one-off day.

So I wish you a Happy Christmas time and a blessed and peaceful New Year.


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