The ultimate gift – life

January 8, 2009

blood1Where do you stand on the issue of organ donation?

It’s quite an emotional topic and one about which people often have very strong views. In the UK the idea has been mooted recently that we should have an opt-out system, whereby we have to actively state we do not want our organs to be used for donations. Apparently this system already exists in some countries?

Hmm … I cant say that I agree with that one. I think we should choose to be donors and it’s not something that should just be assumed automatically. And I know they say that many more people agree with donation and are prepared to donate than are actually registered donors. Perhaps we are all guilty of being too lackadaisical in this regard and we should just get up & get on with it? But despite this problem and the undoubted shortage of donors, I don’t think the solution is compulsory donation or an opt-out system. What is the solution? I don’t know but I ‘m sure there are people far wiser than me who could address this issue.

Anyway, so back to the original topic. The reason I brought this up is because I was listening to an interesting discussion on the radio yesterday. The freedom of information act has resulted in some people looking into the issue of organ donation. It was said that out of over 200 livers donated within the UK, 50 of these have gone to non-UK patients, ie. to people not living in this country. The debate that followed addressed whether or not this is right, whether people expect their organs to go to UK patients, whether they should have a say in who receives them, whether we should be angry about this fact. Lots of issues and questions. Do you think it’s right?

It’s always worth playing devils advocate and looking at the other side of things. So, if you flip the discussion, how many UK patients have benefitted from non-UK based donars? Is that right?!

Apparently, some people have paid for donations. Well if money starts to be the deciding factor for who should benefit, then I firmly believe that is wrong. Priority should be made purely on a medical basis, be it those in most immediate need or any other medical criteria. the doctors see fit to apply. Money certainly shouldn’t be the main decision basis.

So perhaps I’m throwing more thoughts into the pot and making you think about the issue from a different viewpoint? Or maybe I’m just adding more fuel to the fire? Whichever it be, I’d be interested in any thoughts you might have about this.


  1. You have Socialist healthcare, therefor the State effectively owns your body as part of the deal for providing you (the proles) with such a service.

  2. this seems to have hit the press again today & the Government have asked for a review

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