welcome back Jonathan

January 24, 2009

A few months ago I wrote about how the British media had appeared to try & convict a presenter, a “celebrity”, an “entertainer” for want of a better word.  The result of that whole sorry story was a suspension from our airwaves of a very popular person.  Ok, so there were some who didn’t like him & used that as an excuse to vilify him further, but there were and are many of us who are not offended by his words & actions, who take it for what it is meant to be – fun.

Today he returned to our television screens – amidst yet more publicity in the press.  (Will it never end?)  Hopefully a line has now been drawn under the matter.

I for one was pleased to see him back on screen.  It was a great show, with a fantastic interview with modern day icon Tom Cruise (but perhaps I’m biased on that topic).  All the same, welcome back Jonathan & I look forward to listening to the radio show tomorrow morning.

Life is well & truly back to normal, for the time being at least, or until the greater public moves on to its assassination of the next public figure! <sigh>


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