it’s oh so quiet

February 2, 2009

snow3There’s a strange silence about the place tonight.  Actually it’s rather eerie, but quite peaceful too.

“But why”, you ask?  Well it’s because of that white stuff.  You know, those little flakes that come down out of the sky every so often which seem to cause the UK to grind to a halt.  Can someone tell me why that is?  It’s not as thought there’s even that much of it.

I must admit though that it does look rather beautiful out there.  And despite the cold and the wet and fact that I had to walk home this evening because the buses weren’t running, well I still managed to appreciate the beauty in those little white flakes and wonder at the sights all around me.  And that strange silence?  Well that was pretty cool too. 🙂

(ps. how do you cope with the snow where you live?)


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