chocolate is too taxing

March 12, 2009

chocolateWhen I put the radio on this morning I was intrigued by the references to chocolate and tax and people being overweight.  Not having heard the story in full, I brushed it aside & assumed it was the presenter having a joke with his listeners.  But no, it’s not April Fools Day, so imagine my surprise, no horror, no amazement when I got to work & read the real story on the BBC News website.

Tax on chocolate!
Yep, that’s right, they are now suggesting that we add tax to chocolate in the same way that it is added to alcohol and cigarettes.

And why are they doing this? you might ask, quite simply – because there are too many obese people who are addicted to those luxurious bars, those quick sugar fixes and immediate highs (sometimes followed by incredible periods of  guilt).

Hmm, ok, maybe they’re right.  I mean the words I’ve just used are associated with addicts, right?  Fix, high, guilt.  But are we really comparing like for like here, can you really say that a chocolate bar causes the same level of harm to a person, or even to a society that drugs or alcohol do?  I’m not so sure you can.

Granted I know of people who will openly say they’re addicted to chocolate, but would they steal to get that fix?  Would they spend their rent money to buy a bar?  Would they deprive their children of essentials, just so they can sit down & have those 2 or 3 minutes of guilty pleasure?  I don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong.  Do feel free to contradict me.

Ok, so I know that the idea behind this radical idea is that it will be good for us, it will cut down on the amount of chocolate people eat, it will mean they’re not over-indulging and ultimately they wont become obese and get diseases like diabetes.  But is that really true?  Would this tax really do that?

I guess the good thing about all of this, is that however silly the idea might actually sound, if it gets people talking & thinking more about the issue, then I suppose that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

But whilst I’m thinking, I might just be tempted to sit down with a cup of tea and my fave bar of chocolate – just so that I can weigh up the arguments objectively! 😉



  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. thanks for the positive feedback, it’s great to know that you enjoy what I write. 🙂

  3. I like your blog too! And as a chocolate lover (dark mostly) I am here in it’s defense. In and of itself, I don’t believe that chocolate is having a huge influence on the obesity epidemic. Good chocolate has health benefits for our emotional and physical well-being. I would dare say that I am a chocolate addict – mostly because if given the opportunity, I would eat it everyday. But I limit myself to a small piece or two which is actually just enough to satisfy me. I do believe, though, that there are many processed foods made with chocolate (and without) and with other unhealthy ingredients that are having more of a negative impact on our health. And these products are often less expensive that chocolate alone. Would a tax on chocolate lead people to switch to these cheaper and less healthy products or look for something else equally unhealthy to satisfy their cravings??? Hope we don’t have to find out!!

  4. I agree completely – some foods have a frightening amount of saturated fats in them, even foods which are supposedly “healthy options”. You really have to read the labels carefully nowadays. I dont believe that taxing chocolate is the solution to the issue.

  5. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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