Passionate writing

March 26, 2009

writingI read recently how someone said that it doesn’t matter what it is you write about, just be passionate about it.

Well I like to think that’s what this blog is all about – my thoughts are stirred by things I’m passionate about and they make me want to write, to express those emotions in black & white.  If you hunt online, there are even articles out there telling you how to do it!

Writing is meant to be cathartic and I’ve found that to be true.  Writing about the things that stir my soul …? well it works for me.

How about you?  What are you passionate about?



  1. I love writing too and I think that to be passionate about what you write is essential, if you are not then what you write will result hollow, soulless.
    I’m having some problems with what concerns being a writer and I’m in the middle of a semantic struggle, maybe you could give me your opinion.

  2. I think writing is therapeutic.

  3. I agree with you and JM (aka Brain) – I write because I feel passionate about “writing” itself and about certain stories or topics. I’ve never tried to be a professional writer, but I still write for my own enjoyment and because I really love to express myself.

    And it’s also therapeutic since I’ve found ever since I was a child that writing things down helps organize my thoughts. I guess it’s why Diaries are still popular in this day and age!

  4. […] am passionate about words and language and all those things.  After all, they are the essence of communication, […]

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