barnyard behaviour

March 30, 2009

tearsI almost cried when I saw the photo.

They were scattered this way and that, all over the floor. Some were in heaps, others were  just strewn by the wayside. They were rejected, uncared for and unwanted. People were even clambering over them to get to the ones they wanted most of all. It was heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking.

I mean, how can people treat books like that?!

Ok, enough lightheartedness because I don’t mean to sound frivolous or crass.  I really was taken aback when I saw the pictures that accompanied the story of the book warehouse in Bristol.  Apparently the landlords had opened up their doors to let the public come in & clear the stock that had been left there.  In their rush to grab a bargain, these “book-lovers” – and I say that in the loosest sense of the word, had just gone in & seemingly completely disregarded the value of the actual books!  Unbelievably, they were walking on top of them.!  Books?!!  Come on people, have some degree of decorum.  Please.

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