building likeability

May 2, 2009


“The closer you get to someone, something, some brand, some organisation … the harder it is to demonise it, objectify it or hate it.  So, if you want to not be hated, open up.  Let people in.  Engage.  Interact.”
Seth Godin

Very interesting.  I know this was written from a business perspective, but I’m sure it’s something we can relate to in our lives, be it on a business or personal level.

Do we sometimes close ourselves off to people, bring up those barricades, give out those keep away signals?  Or, are we open and honest, always with a smile for people, ready to listen, engage and react to them?

Obviously the second option is far more attractive.  It makes us people that others will actually like & want to spend time with.  It makes us likeable and leads to better relationships with those around us, on whatever level that actually might be.  We dont have to be best friends with people but I think our world would be a much better place if we all tried to at least take some of these thoughts to heart.

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