Musical therapy

May 14, 2009

Music_healthy_mindI’ve been talking for a while about how important I believe music is and about the benefits that it can bring to each of our lives. Well I didn’t need any further proof, but I’ve found it none the less! I’ve just been reading a fascinating article on the BBC website which is truly inspiring and it just simply made me say “wow!”

So what was this article that caught my attention today? Well it’s about the benefits that a specific music project has had on dementia patients. The musicians work with the patients over an 8 week period enabling them to participate in the music making and really feel a part of what’s going on. The results have been encouraging: people who previously wouldn’t talk to others are now asking them questions.

Granted, music cannot cure them of dementia, but it’s certainly having a positive influence on their well being. Music really is a universal language that can cross over all barriers. 🙂

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  1. […] a number of reports in recent months which discuss the benefits music can have on our health:  helping dementia patients; giving sight back to stroke sufferers; improving the social fabric of […]

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