men are the weaker sex

May 22, 2009

weak_maleOk, so we’ve all known it for sometime now, that women are better able to cope with illness and carry on with their daily lives, without making everyone else around them suffer.  Fact!  No arguments!

Hang on a minute, you might say, that’s just not true.

But I’m afraid it is true.  According to the latest research, women are better able to fight off disease better than men.  Yes, the female of the species is better.  Fact! 🙂

Apparently it’s all to do with hormones.  Yes, those self same hormones which make us feel awful for so many days every month (have you ever worked out just how long that is in a lifetime?!!).  Anyway, in medical terms, oestrogen acts as an enzyme to block the inflammation process hence enabling women to fight back as it were & to actually overcome the illness.

So next time you hear a man complaining that he’s ill, have a little pity.  After all he’s just not built to cope with it, what with males being the weaker, inferior of our sexes! 😉


  1. Realistically, I don’t think you can stretch the findings of the study that far. As discussed here.

  2. I must admit this was written a little tongue in cheek. 🙂
    Interesting research tho & thanks for the additional link.

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