Time, or the lack of it

July 8, 2009

ticking_clockIt’s amazing how we have so much time, I mean 24 hours in a day isnt bad, is it? and yet despite all this time, somehow we never seem to have enough of it!  Not enough time to keep in touch with friends and loved ones; not enough time to write that letter, to make that phone call; not enough time to sit & read a book or perhaps a newspaper; not enough time to go to the gym – or perhaps that’s a lack of motivation?  Hmm 😉

Anyway, I’ve found myself rather lacking in time over the past few weeks.  I seem to have got rather caught up in life and living and this has meant I’ve neglected my blog and havent actually posted for a while.  I’ve found I’ve missed that.  Funny how you can miss something so seemingly unimportant, is it?

I’ve lots of ideas in my head, lots of posts in process, but I just wanted to throw my thoughts about time onto here whilst I’m contemplating some of them further.  Time, never enough of it and yet sometimes far too much.  Weird huh?


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