40 winks to a brainwave

August 27, 2009

40winksHave you ever woken up in the middle of the night & had to rush to grab a piece of paper to write down that fantastic idea that came to you in a dream in the middle of the night?  Or perhaps you’ve woken up in the morning just knowing the right solution to a particular problem that you’ve been worrying about?

Well you’re not on your own.  A report suggests that problems are more likely to be solved after a period of sleep, so the old phrase “I’ll sleep on it” does actually hold some truth after all!  Perhaps Orinoco really did know what he was talking about when he had those 40 winks 😉

It’s an interesting issue though.  I wonder just what it is that makes our subconscious selves somewhat more productive than our wake ones.  How can we get that answer when we’re asleep that we cant get when we’re concentrating on it in our woken hours?  Perhaps it’s because everything else is filtered out whilst we’re sleeping?  I dont know, but it’s certainly an interesting thought.


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