the best place to live is …?

November 4, 2009

world-mapok, so the results of the latest survey have just been released and the winner is …..

are you sitting comfortably?
are you ready for this? 
anticipation mounting?

<drum roll>

the winner is … Norway 🙂

Hmm, an interesting choice but one that I really can appreciate – or is that just from my skewed English perspective?  I see Norway as being a very clean country, with intelligent, good-looking people, a high standard of living and beautiful countryside.  And I’ve never even been there – but I really would like to go one day.  I want to see those fjords for myself, to look at those expanses of oh so white snow, to meet the people, to appreciate all that daylight in summertime – although I dont think I’d like the wintery months of darkness I must admit. 

But all in all, Norway’s not a bad choice in my opinion.   What do you think?

(To read what the BBC has to say about this, click here )

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