Those special things

January 19, 2010

So I said in an earlier post how I liked an idea I’d heard to do something special every month in 2010.  I duly went away & started to complile my list of “special things” for the year.

Ok, so I’ve not got all that much pencilled in at the moment, but this is a work in progress and one which I intend to build on throughout the year.

I’ll be updating this post as and when with all the new things & perhaps even some comments about how some of them went.

I’m looking forward to a fun-filled year of memorable moments 😀

February – my first visit to the ballet

March – my second visit to the opera

April – going on holiday to Cape Verde – a group of islands off the west coast of Africa

August – working in the US for a few days.  Ok, so perhaps work isnt a special thing, but a trip to the west coast definitely is.

September – I’ll be going on my summer holidays in September.  Dont know where yet, but looking forward to it already tho 🙂



  1. ok, so more things to add to my list:
    February – a visit to Bakewell in Derbyshire
    March – a chocolate tasting evening – that sounds very yummy 🙂

  2. so the ballet was great! I really enjoyed the experience, so much so that I’d love to go & see another. It was beautiful 🙂 there’s just no other way to describe it. I wholeheartedly recommend that you go & see for yourself.

  3. Well the opera was certainly interesting! The set was fantastic, the performances great but the music ? Hmm, well it was little on the non-musical side to be honest, not a lot of tune actually in there & not quite my cup of tea. Nevertheless, it was a good evening.

    And my trip to Cape Verde, off the west coast of Africa? Well that WAS amazing. I had a fabulous time there & was so taken by the breath-taking beauty of the island. I think that will warrant a post of its own in the future.

    Now back to that list, what else can I do …?

  4. […] so way way back at the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to compile a list of things to look forward too.  So away I went & planned something exciting for every month of the year.  Well 2010 is […]

  5. […] way of planning for the year ahead, I’m following on from the tradition I established last year to have a list of special things to look forward in the coming year.  Looking back on last […]

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