back to the 20s

February 19, 2010

How would you like to go back in time?

When would you choose to go back to?

It’s something I was thinking about recently (long story) & I decided on the 1920s and Paris!  Ok, so I didnt exactly choose that at random, somewhere gave me a list of suggestions & that was the most appealing but the more I think about it, the better it actually sounds.  Perhaps I have the wrong idea about that period of time, but the 1920s makes me think of fun & laughter, a time when life was simpler & more enjoyable, a time of great fashion, fun music, lively theatre.  In fact a time when life was just more exciting & easier!  It was between the wars, so there were none of those atrocities happening, terrorism wasnt a daily fear hanging in the air, people werent so tied up in themselves and in what they could get out of life.  Instead, they spent time with their families and didnt crave the materialism of today.  Certainly sounds good to me.

And Paris?  Well, I love Paris.  My ancestors are from Paris & the opportunity to meet them would be great.  Every time I go to Paris, I wander down those streets admiring the Parisian architecture & imagining my ancestors strolling down those self same streets.  🙂

Ok, so perhaps I’m being too idealistic & just looking at it all through rose tinted glasses.  I’m sure that the people back then had problems of their own, but from this distance, 90 years later, it seems like a pretty good era and location to be living in.  Would I swap it for today?  Hmm, tough one & not really something I can actually do, but oh how I’d love to get in that time machine & go take a sneak peak,. just for a little while ….

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