Back to work blues :( (Year in photos 2011)

January 4, 2011

So today was that day.  You know, one of those days that you’ve been dreading for ages but that you know will actually come along eventually & in reality far too soon.  Well today is one of those days cos it’s the day when many of us have returned to work after the Christmas & New Year break.  After 10 days of relaxation & lazy mornings and NOT having to get up with the lark, today the alarm rang noisily on a dark dark morning which was made all the worse by the solar eclipse <BIG sigh>

So here I am, at work, daydreaming about happier times.  Days when I could wake up slowly & get out of bed when I felt like it.  Days when there was no pressure to conform to the work mode & when I could just do what I wanted as and when.

But this is my reality now.  Holidays are over & we have to get back to the office and earn a crust, or praps even a slice of cake if we’re really lucky! 😉  Roll on Easter!

So today’s photo?  Well it just had to be my desk – or rather some of it.


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