Twelfth night

January 6, 2011

So today is twelfth night, twelve days after Christmas when tradition says we should take down our Christmas decorations.  I hate having to put all the decorations away, the house always looks so bland & empty when I do 😦

It’s not that I believe in luck, or rather the bad luck that legend would have us believe is bestowed on us if we keep them up longer – although I must admit I could really do without bad luck in my life at the moment.  I guess it’s just I’m resigned to the fact that Christmas is now well & truly over.  That season of goodwill is gone & life moves onwards and hopefully upwards.

So tonight I will be taking down the tree & packing it away into its box for another year (actually it’s only for another 11 months really ;)) and putting away all the lights & decorations.  Then I’ll be looking at my living room sadly & wondering how I can brighten it up for the rest of the winter months.

So as a tribute to Christmas, here are some of my photos from this year:

Ok, so there’s a little debate over when Twelfth night actually is, but I’ve always been led to believe it’s the 6th January, the day when neighbouring countries celebrate Epiphany, the arrival of the wise men at Bethlehem.  So I’ve always taken my Twelfth Night to be today, the last day for my decorations until Christmas 2011.


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