Cushioned with love (Year in photos 2011)

January 8, 2011

I received a parcel today and the box was filled with those little bags of air to protect the contents.  You know the ones I mean?  So nothing new there, you might think.  But then you’d be wrong.  Because these little bags of air were different to the usual ones, as the little bags of air in this parcel were emblazoned with the words “cushioned with love”.  How good is that?

I usually just pop all those bags of air & put them straight into the rubbish but not this time.  No?  No. Because these bags of air are different.  They’re not just filled with air, they’ve been cushioned with love especially for me! 🙂

Ok, so it’s just 3 words printed onto the bag, but the thought behind that can be so much more profound than just those 3 words if we put it into the context of our own lives.  How often do we want to feel as though we are cushioned by love?  That there is someone out there caring for us, protecting us, sticking up for us, thinking about us, believing in us and loving us?  I guess it’s one of those fundamental human needs that everybody has, isn’t it?  That search for somebody who will do all those things?  Who will always be there for us?  And not necessarily in a materialistic way either and not in a way where they need to do tons of stuff for us.  No, I think we all just need somebody to simply be there, to cushion us from the world with their love. I know I do.

Are you fortunate enough to have found that somebody in your life?  Are you that somebody to anyone else? At the beginning of this year, when we’re all probably reflecting on so many things, perhaps now is the time to be thankful if you have that cushion around you.

Cushioned with love

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