Memory evoking melodies (Year in photos 2011)

January 9, 2011

I know I’ve written on previous occasions about the importance of music in the world.  For me, music is always around me & different melodies remind me of different events, places, people & times in my life.  I can listen to the same tune for weeks on end without getting fed up with it.  In fact the CD I have in my car at the moment has been there since October!  It’s just this particular music is speaking to me at the moment.  So I think that particular tunes & melodies can be associated with particular things & events etc in our lives.

Does a song on the radio ever just bring memories flooding back to you?  Well that’s what I’m talking about.  I think that’s the reason why I havent listened to some music for a couple of years or so now, because if I did, well then the images which would come to mind might be just too difficult for me to remember.  So as a means of evasion, I just havent listened to them.  Perhaps it’s easier that way?  Hmm.

Anyway, over the past few days I’ve been inspired – or perhaps that’s not the right word, maybe it should be challenged to change this.  I’ve challenged myself to start playing the piano again.  It’s been sitting in the corner of the room, almost redundant for a couple of years or so now.  I get too involved with music, it’s too powerful for me not to become involved and so my evasive mechanism kicked in so that I avoided those images by just not playing or hearing them.

Well things are changing a little now.  I’ve sat back down on that piano stool & I’ve started to play some of those memory invoking melodies again.  Time will tell whether or not I manage to override those images, perhaps I shouldnt try to forget them?  Perhaps I should just learn to live with them & accept them.  I don’t know but I’ve giving it a go at least.

Memory Evoking Melodies

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