Celebrate (Year in photos 2011)

January 12, 2011

This evening I went out with a few friends to celebrate my birthday.  Ok so it’s not my birthday today, it was actually 2 weeks ago, but you try having a birthday at a time of year when no-one wants to do anything & doesn’t even remember it. Anyway, one of my friends has her birthday 5 days before Christmas (mine is 5 days after Christmas) and so she knows what it’s like to want to celebrate at a time when no-one else can be bothered.  Hence this evening was planned before Christmas as something for us to look forward to in the bleak January evenings.

Despite the planning there were only 5 of us in the end – people always seem to have difficulties sticking to dates in their diary & so there have been lots of cancellations this week, some of them for the most ridiculous reasons if I’m honest.  It’s a bit annoying & disheartening when you’ve asked people to help you celebrate & then they decide that taking something back to the shops is more important.  Hmm, why do people not think anything of letting others down?  Each to their own I guess.

So, back to this evening.   Well despite the small numbers we had a great evening and I really enjoyed myself.  It was a definitely a case of quality rather than quantity.  An evening of good food, good company, good conversation and laughter.  What more could I ask for? 🙂

And today’s photo?  Well it was going to be a photo of some of the lovely tapas that we shared, but I forgot to take the picture in time & we quickly demolished all the food.  So instead?  Well you get a photo of some empty dishes instead and will just have to use your imagination to picture the delights that were inside them earlier 😉

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