Is white a colour?

January 27, 2011

I came across this very question in a book I’m reading at the moment.  Is white a colour or not?

Well it’s not colourless is it, because quite frankly colourless is er without colour isn’t it? as in clear.  So if it’s not colourless than white must be a colour, mustn’t it?

If the ground is covered in snow – snow being white – well then there is a definite colour around isn’t there?  And along with that white colour comes a sense of calm, a sense of peace and tranquility.  We buy washing powder to make our clothes whiter than white.  A pure, clean, stainless white seems to be what we strive for.  A sense of purity perhaps.  Perhaps these are the sentiments which we associate with the colour white.  You see, I did it again, I called it “a colour”.  We all do, don’t we?

So what sentiments or emotions do we attach to other colours?  Do particular colours bring about specific feelings & emotions in our daily lives?  I think the answer to that is very much yes.  Try reading the list of colours below & see what pictures spring to your mind.  I’d be interested in what you come up with & I might even post my own thoughts as a comment later.


I’m sure that on reading each colour & reflecting for a few moments, you’ve come up with some emotions of your own.  Please do share these.

And as a closing thought: despite all our endeavours to attain the sentiments associated with white are we saying it really isn’t a colour?  I think not! 😉


One comment

  1. […] on from yesterday photo of light, and a recent blog post questioning whether or not white is a colour, today’s photo is an illustration of colour.  It took a few attempts to get this picture […]

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