Life as a marketing manager

January 27, 2011

At times the life of a marketing manager in an SME is seriously frustrating. Today is one of those times.

Right now I’m sitting fuming at my desk, typing furiously and just wanting to vent at the whole wide world in an attempt to get this frustration out of me!  So far it really isn’t working 😦

Do you want to know why I’m so angry at the moment?  Well I’m going to tell you anyway, even if you don’t – such is my mood at the moment.  I’m trying to plan for 2011.  Yes, I know we’re almost at the end of January and it should have been done way long before now, but I’ve been trying to do this planning for weeks only to be met by obstacle after obstacle.  Basically, working in a techy environment means that I have to rely on other people – the technical ones – for input into things.  That in itself is not a problem.  What is a problem is the fact that my work is not considered important enough to warrant their time.  As often happens with teams that combine sales & marketing, marketing gets pushed to the sidelines as the sales side of things is considered more important.  Unfortunately in my case, the technical side of things is also considered more vital & seems to get a good look in too.

Granted each of these is important and does have its place in the grand scheme of things, but why does that mean that marketing is not important and is the function which can be pushed aside, delayed, postponed and and and?   Aaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhh it really does get my goat!

So right now my planning has had another spanner thrown in the works. Without the input I need I just cannot move forward.  The trouble is, I really don’t know what on earth to do about it.

So for now I’m venting my frustration out on the keyboard, typing angrily. Problem is, I just don’t think that’s gonna help though 😦

<and breathe>


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